AdultFriendFinder Review

Written by dating expert Jennifer Carter.
Last updated: February 18, 2021

With millions of members worldwide, Adult FriendFinder is the best casual dating website for couples or singles who are looking for an easy, adventurous way to enhance their sex life.

Adult FriendFinder provides opportunities for the sexual and risqué nature of people from all walks of life. The site is heavily populated with adult content, and there is very little censorship of the images and videos that are posted. Whether you are happily married and seeking an additional partner or are in your 20s looking for a quick hook-up, Adult FriendFinder has something to satisfy everyone’s wildest dreams.

Our Adult FriendFinder review will provide everything you need to know about how to use Adult FriendFinder to fulfill your adult needs and satisfy your sexual desires.

  • Over 80 million users worldwide
  • Just about anything goes
  • More than one way to contact people
  • Ideal for couples looking for others
  • Mobile app available for iOS and Android
  • Fake accounts and bots can be a problem
  • Does not offer a matching system

Member Information

The information that is provided on the Adult FriendFinder website will vary by member. Some members choose to provide details about everything they are looking for, while others leave their member information blank.

In addition to the standard demographic questions that are required to create a profile, members can complete more surveys that will help showcase preferences, interests, and one’s knowledge on kinky topics. Surveys include but are not limited to a purity test, personality quiz, and physical measurements. Providing a great deal of information is smart because it helps other members understand what you are looking for in a casual adult relationship.

Most members are involved in the Adult FriendFinder community to engage in casual fun with other adults without strings attached. The membership user base is diverse in that you can find people from all over the world, with varying backgrounds, interests, fantasies, and levels of sexual experience.

With so much variety in membership, videos, photos, chatrooms, and overall member content, getting bored while using the Adult FriendFinder website is impossible.

Sign Up Process


Signing up for Adult FriendFinder is simple and only takes a few moments. The initial registration questions cover basic demographic information and identify what you are looking for on the website. After you have completed the demographic information, you will need to confirm your email address. You must have a valid email address to verify your account and start finding your next love affair. After you have confirmed your email address, you can jump into the fun. Nothing is holding you back!

Signing up for Adult FriendFinder

The Adult FriendFinder website prides itself on an easy sign-up process so that you can become active fast and find a hook-up in the same day! The sign-up process does provide the opportunity to invest in a premium membership package that includes additional benefits. Upon initial registration, you will be provided with an Adult FriendFinder discount if you choose to invest in a paid membership package. The standard membership will allow you to have fun for free, but you will get the best deal during the initial sign-up process.

Adult FriendFinder website

Finally, after you have signed up, you will be provided with the option of answering additional questions. These questions cover religion, substance use, sexual experience, and many other topics. It is common for members to avoid answering additional questions, but if you are serious about finding someone who fits your lifestyle and interests, it is in your best interest to provide some additional information on your profile.

Overall, the sign-up process is simple, quick, and does not detract from the experience you will find on the Adult FriendFinder website. The fun starts right away with live-action videos, photos, and erotic stories at your fingertips.


Contacting People


Adult FriendFinder is perhaps the easiest dating website to contact people on. The beauty of this dating website in comparison to others is that you do not need a paid membership to communicate with others. You can send group messages, participate in video chats, and even enjoy live action videos on the Adult FriendFinder website for free. Those with a free membership can communicate via message, send photos and videos, and create a Hotlist of up to 200 members.

If you are interested in connecting more on a one-on-one basis with members, it would be in your best interest to upgrade your account.

Adult FriendFinder website

Adult FriendFinder is unique in that you can contact people by sending a direct message, inviting someone to connect with you live, or by sending a friend request. You can even engage in chatroom discussions or instant messages in real-time.

It is important to note that the Adult FriendFinder website is unlike any other dating website online. In addition to finding a date, the Adult FriendFinder website allows you to join a community of like-minded individuals who believe in casual, often sexual relations with other adults. Many members have fantasies they are seeking to fulfill, or they are just looking for a good time while out of town. Finding a fling, one-night stand, or a quick hook-up is not uncommon and is highly likely to happen fast if you want it to.


Adult FriendFinder offers many unique ways to interact with members. This website serves as an adult playground full of opportunity, no matter where your interests lie.

As there are a variety of ways to interact with members, here are some highlights of the most popular choices:

Live Member Webcams

Live Member Webcams allow you to enjoy watching live videos that other members are broadcasting. While you cannot communicate with the members as they broadcast, you are given the ability to reach out and contact them outside of the live webcam stream. Those who are interested in the swinger lifestyle find this feature enticing.

Adult Chatrooms

Adult FriendFinder hosts a variety of public adult chatrooms that keep their members engaged and intrigued in their sexual desires. Adult chatrooms provide a venue for members to discuss their sexual fantasies for free. You also have the ability to create your own group chatroom should you not be able to find one that suits your interests.

Tips and Gifts

Did you find someone you enjoy watching on Adult FriendFinder? Want to provide a tip or an enticing gift to another member in hopes of getting their attention? Adult FriendFinder provides you with the opportunity to reach out to members and provide them with a gift. There are a variety of gifts to choose from, varying in price.

Tipping is a great idea if you found a member that posts content you enjoy. A tip will entice the member to continue to post the same type of content in hopes of receiving continuous positive feedback.

Sending a Flirt

Flirting with someone by clicking a wink on their profile page is the easiest way to let someone know you are interested. By sending a flirtatious wink, you alert a member of your interest in the most non-invasive way possible. The member can respond with a message or send back a flirt to let you know of their interest. Because sending a flirt is non-invasive and does not take much effort, some members may not take it as seriously as other communication methods.


At this time, messaging to individual members is reserved for those with a paid subscription. Messaging goes directly to the person, and you can be notified if it was read or not.

There are other unique features on the Adult FriendFinder website that include but are not limited to ‘hotlist’ other members, see who has viewed you, and identify members who have determined that they “like” you and want to learn more. Most of these features are included in the Gold or VIP membership plans and may not be available to those members who choose to use the standard or free version of the site.



The Adult FriendFinder website allows you to post as much or as little as you want in the profile section. You can post as little as basic demographic information, which is required, or you can add in some details. From purity tests to describing your kinky side, Adult FriendFinder gives you the ability to truly personalize your profile.

Adult FriendFinder account

Another perk to the Adult FriendFinder profile is that it allows you to upload videos in addition to photos. Videos can provide other members with more details than a photo can portray. If you post a video, you may have better luck at snagging your dream date!

Adult FriendFinder profile

Adult FriendFinder provides you with a plethora of opportunities to showcase what you have to offer. Many members use their photos to highlight aspects of themselves that they think will attract others. For example, a physically fit male may show off his muscular abs while a woman may choose to show off another aspect of herself that she thinks is going to catch the eye of someone interesting.

All in all, creating your profile on the Adult FriendFinder website is easy regardless of how much time you put into creating it.

Mobile App


The Adult FriendFinder mobile app mirrors the Adult FriendFinder website and provides many of the same features. Available for both iOS and Android platforms, Adult FriendFinder is one of the leading apps for adult entertainment and casual dating.

Adult FriendFinder mobile app

It is important to remember that the Adult FriendFinder mobile app is called the ‘All FriendFinder’ in the App Store. The reason for this is that the FriendFinder Network combines all of their websites into one easy to use application. Do keep in mind that if you only want to have access to members on Adult FriendFinder, you can download that app instead. Many Adult FriendFinder members prefer to use the All FriendFinder app as it provides more opportunities to hook-up as the membership bank is much larger.

FriendFinder app

This app is ideal for someone who works often, is constantly on the go, or travels a lot. The app makes the task of looking for an out of town casual hook-up a stress-free experience.

Membership Options


The Adult FriendFinder cost per membership plan can vary greatly, depending upon the plan you select and the timeframe in which you want to commit to using the site. The basic membership is free and ideal for someone who is going to visit the Adult FriendFinder dating community sporadically.

It is true that the Adult FriendFinder cost can be minimal. A standard membership is free and includes several benefits. With a standard membership, members can see photos, videos, and respond to messages sent by paid subscribers. A standard member also can partake in viewing live webcam videos, sending flirts, searching for members, and participating in chatrooms.

For someone who plans to be more active, investing in a paid membership is a smart idea. You will receive the most value for your money with a long-term plan billed on an annual basis.

Here is what you can look forward to when you invest in an upgraded membership plan:

The Gold Plan

For as low as $20 per month, this plan provides you access to millions of photos, access to sexy videos, and the privilege of seeing full profiles. Gold members receive a response from customer service within 12 hours, have access to unlimited live videos, partake in contests, and view unlimited profile information. Other benefits include the ability to view full sized photos and videos, send friend requests, and have a membership hotlist of up to 1,000.

Gold Plan

Should you find yourself interested in adding even more perks to your Gold Membership package, you can invest in the VIP membership. The VIP membership is considered the Adult FriendFinder “red carpet” experience. You can expect to enjoy more attention than other members as your profile picture will have a ‘VIP’ icon, which highlights you on the site as one of the elite. In addition, you will be featured in the monthly Cupid Report, which is read by millions of members regularly. Finally, a VIP membership offers unlimited read receipts and a bonus of 500 points that you can use for gifting to others. This membership package is billed monthly, so giving it a try does not have to be a long-term commitment. We suggest trying it for a month to decide if you want to keep the additional features!

vip membership

While there are several paid opportunities on Adult FriendFinder, it is important to remember that it is possible to use the free Adult FriendFinder website version to find like-minded adults eager to unleash their sexual prowess. However, statistically, you are more likely to have the best success with a paid membership plan.

The Bottom Line

The Adult FriendFinder website is perfect for those who are seeking an affordable method to finding opportunities to engage in casual sexual relations with others. The free Adult Friendfinder service is heavily utilized by males but is inclusive of all gender binaries. For those looking for a reliable resource, the voted #1 adult dating website, Adult FriendFinder is the best place to go for a quick hook-up or meet someone hot.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you cancel Adult FriendFinder?

It is easy to cancel your Adult FriendFinder account. Before doing so, be sure to turn off any auto-renewal subscription that you have set up. Otherwise, you will continue to be charged for services you are no longer using. After you have canceled your auto-renewal subscription service, you will need to access the “Manage Your Account” page. Once there, you have a variety of options, one of which is to cancel your account. Click to cancel your account. You will then be prompted to keep your account deactivated on the site or delete it altogether. If you choose for your information to be deleted, it can take up to 48 hours to reflect this action.

Is free Adult FriendFinder different than the paid version?

No. Adult FriendFinder is free to all members but does not provide as many features as the paid membership plans. The free Adult FriendFinder version is ideal for someone checking out the website for the first time. Investing in a paid membership will allow you to access the use of amazing features that can positively impact your ability to communicate with others and your overall experience.

Is the Adult FriendFinder website hard to use?

No. The Adult FriendFinder website is easy to use and can be maneuvered by anyone who can navigate a computer. It is advised that members take their time and explore the website as there is a plethora of diverse offerings. Whether you are interested in socializing, hooking up, finding a swinging couple, or seeking a date while out of town, Adult FriendFinder has something for you!

Is there a separate website for Senior Adult FriendFinder?

Yes. Senior Adult FriendFinder is a separate dating service, however, there are a plethora of seniors involved in the Adult FriendFinder website. Senior Adult FriendFinder is more for those interested in a committed relationship, whereas Adult FriendFinder is for those who are seeking a more casual arrangement.

Is there an Adult FriendFinder discount?

It is possible to find Adult FriendFinder discount codes on reputable coupon websites from time to time. However, for the best, most reliable deal, it is in your best interest to take advantage of the special deals presented to you upon your initial sign up.

How can I contact Adult FriendFinder customer service?

Adult FriendFinder offers many ways to contact customer service. Throughout the regular business day, you can engage in an online Live Chat with a service representative. During off-hours, you can contact Adult FriendFinder customer service by email or phone. US customers can contact customer service toll-free at 1-888-575-8383. International customers are advised to call (669) 208-0364.

Is there a gay Adult FriendFinder?

While the Adult FriendFinder website is not exclusively gay, it is open to the gay community and is well known as an active website for those interested in the same sex.

Adult FriendFinder vs. Ashley Madison: How do they compare?

Adult FriendFinder is open to all types of hook-ups, swinger relationships, escorts, and experimentation. There is very little discretion on the Adult FriendFinder website, whereas the Ashley Madison website is discreet and actively helps to hide member activity. If getting caught with your pants down is a concern, Ashley Madison is the better choice. But if you are seeking a fast, same-day hook-up, Adult FriendFinder is the best option.

Can you tell the last time you were logged in to Adult FriendFinder?

Currently, it is not obvious as to when a member was last on the Adult FriendFinder website. However, an icon is highlighted next to a member’s name when they are currently active online.

Is Adult FriendFinder safe?

Yes. There are strict rules in place that prohibit illegal activity. The site is also monitored to ensure that bots and fake accounts are eliminated promptly.

What is the Adult FriendFinder Hotlist?

When a member visits your profile and determines that they are interested in you, they can put you on their ‘hotlist.’ The hotlist will notify the member that you have placed them on your list. You will also be notified when you have been placed on another member’s hotlist. It is important to keep in mind that the hotlist does have its limitations. For those with a free or standard membership, you are limited to placing up to 200 members on your hotlist. However, if you have a paid membership plan, you can add up to 1,000 members to your hotlist.