Christian Mingle Review

Written by dating expert Jennifer Carter.
Last updated: February 19, 2021

Are you a marriage-minded Christian seeking love and a committed relationship? Do you want to have children and raise them with Christian values? Christian Mingle is a dating website that is unique in that it provides a venue for singles to seek the love of their life online.

Christian Mingle takes an importance of religion and puts it at the forefront. Knowing one’s religion up front allows you to seek a partner with confidence. Even still, many singles wonder, “Is Christian Mingle worth it?”

This Christian Mingle review is comprehensive and will provide everything you need to know about finding love online. By the end of this review, you will be able to determine whether or not Christian Mingle coincides with your needs and relationship goals.

  • Millions of global, registered users at your fingertips
  • Ability to see photos of potential matches with a free account
  • Free mobile phone app available for iOS and Android devices
  • Easy Sign-Up process
  • Shared religious views
  • Limited features via desktop website or mobile app
  • Match criteria is broad
  • Payment due upfront; no monthly payment options available

Member Information

The Christian Mingle platform is known around the world for offering the most comprehensive access to Christian-minded individuals who are interested in finding love online. However, contrary to popular belief, you do not have to be a member of the Christian religion to sign up for a Christian Mingle account. In fact, many people from all religious backgrounds utilize Christian Mingle as a way to find religious-minded people who are looking for a long-lasting relationship. Whether you identify as Catholic, Presbyterian, Baptist, or other religion, you are welcome in the Christian Mingle community.

In addition to having access to view a member’s religion, you can also learn a bit about a person’s marital interest, desire for children, education level, and occupation before you determine if you want to connect. It is important to note that member information and photos are accessible without needing a Christian Mingle free trial or a paid subscription to a premium account.

Sign Up Process


Christian Mingle makes signing up a breeze. Unlike other dating websites, Christian Mingle is simple, offers an easy to use interface and does not require you to spend hours providing personal details about your past or future hopes and dreams. You will not have to complete a personality quiz which allows you to become a registered user fast!

Another great perk to signing up with Christian Mingle is that you can easily create an account just by signing into your Facebook account. Connecting your Facebook account allows for Christian Mingle to automatically upload pertinent information into your profile and allows you to select up to six photos from your Facebook page to share publicly on the dating site. Whether you sign up on Facebook or you create an account on the website, the ease and quickness of signing up on Christian Mingle is a great perk to this dating site.

signing up with Christian Mingle

Contacting People


You may wonder, “how does Christian Mingle work?” Contacting people on Christian Mingle is quick, easy, and convenient, regardless of whether you are on the mobile app or desktop website.

Unlike other dating sites, Christian Mingle allows you to view eligible singles’ profile photos and read their profile information before you contact them directly. To be able to contact a member by sending a message, you need to have invested in a paid account. However, you are able to send a “smile” to someone of interest with a free account. Sending a “smile” will allow you to see if the person is interested in you by way of them returning the “smile.” From there, you can determine if you want to invest in furthering the conversation.

Contacting people on Christian Mingle

While it appears that you would be able to correspond with another user by sending a message in response to a smile, this is not the case. When you try to respond with a message, it prompts you to invest in a premium subscription before moving forward.



Setting up your profile on Christian Mingle is simple and does not take long before it is completed. The profile section offers a no-frills approach to providing basic information about your relationship requirements, interests, education, where you live, occupation, and even pet preference. There is a section that allows you to share a couple sentences about yourself which is where many choose to disclose their main purpose in life or what makes them happy.

profile on Christian Mingle

While there is not a lengthy quiz to take when registering for an account, there are some questions that you need to answer that will help you find the best match. Answering questions about hobbies, personal interests, and lifestyle will aid in the website being able to find the best corresponding match possible.

Christian Mingle profile

Christian Mingle provides you with the opportunity to upload up to six photos that other users will be able to see. It is important to keep in mind that you are only permitted to upload photos of yourself and do not include others. All photos must be at least 375 x 375 px and they must not be copyrighted, offensive, or suggestive. Christian Mingle will approve the photo or request that it be taken down if it does not meet their standards.

Overall, the profile section is easy to complete and will not take you a long time to do so. You also have the ability to easily update your profile at any time. For a seamless setup, you can connect your Facebook account with Christian Mingle. Doing so will give you the ability to upload your Facebook demographic information and photos to the Christian Mingle website seamlessly. Many find this option to be convenient and the easiest way to get their Christian Mingle profile up and running.


Mobile App


The Christian Mingle app is available on both iOS and Android devices. Many singles are pleased with the Christian Mingle free app, but it is important to note that your membership level will determine your accessibility to access app features. The app mirrors the website and provides a no-nonsense way to connect with other singles who value finding a relationship that puts the Christian religion at the forefront.

Christian Mingle app

The app is clean and easy to use, however, features are limited. With the app, you can create your profile, upload photos and pertinent information about yourself, and discover people of interest. It is important to keep in mind that the app does not provide you with the ability to communicate with other singles if you have not invested in a premium membership. The main benefit to using the Christian Mingle free app is that you have the ability to contact people while you are on the go.

We would be remiss if we did not share that iOS users are more likely to be pleased with the app while Android users note that there are glitches and bugs that need worked out in order for it to be worthwhile. Compared to other dating apps, Christian Mingle is best utilized by desktop or on an iOS device.

Membership Options


Many ask the question, “is Christian Mingle free?” There are certainly ways to utilize the site without a membership, however, joining the community by purchasing a paid membership will yield the most successful results. The reason for this is that a paid account provides you with significant features that will impact your ability to communicate with a potential mate.

For example, the ‘Christian Mingle browse anonymously’ is a feature that is included with a paid membership. This feature allows you to search eligible singles anonymously as it will not trigger a profile view that alerts another user that you have checked them out. This is a great feature if you do not want people to know that you checked out their profile.

Christian Mingle membership

There are many perks to paid membership. The ability to find out if your message has been received or read can help you determine the interest level of a potential mate. A premium membership allows you unlimited access to contact others and gives you the option of receiving read receipts or hiding your online status.

The Bottom Line

Finding the love of your life can be a challenge but it doesn’t have to be. Christian Mingle offers a unique platform that introduces you to singles who share your Christian values. This is important because religion is a driving factor in what makes a committed, long-term relationship work. With a clean, easy to use, web-based or app-friendly platform, finding your future spouse is bound to be an enjoyable experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to change your username on Christian Mingle?

It is important to note that your username on Christian Mingle can be your first name, or a made-up name. Some people choose to disclose their first name while others opt for creating a username that may represent their personality, hobbies, or other interests. Christian Mingle allows you to change your username at any time by going to the “My Profile” section. In the “My Profile” section, you have the option of updating your name which is what serves as your username.

Is Christian Mingle safe?

Finding love online can come with its own set of challenges. Safety is a concern that comes up quite often in the online dating world. Christian Mingle urges you to be safe while using their platform and they have created some tips to help you in this endeavour.

Christian Mingle encourages all users to never send money over the web. They also urge users to be careful in watching out for scams. A scam on Christian Mingle can appear as someone sending messages on behalf of another. You can report a user at any time to Christian Mingle’s customer service team by clicking on “report user” in their profile. Another safety tip is to keep your personal information private and if you plan to meet someone in person, do so at a public place. Finally, avoid clicking links within messages as they can take you off-site which may be detrimental to your computer and personal information.

Follow your gut and be smart about sharing your information.

How to delete your Christian Mingle account?

It is important to mention that once you delete your Christian Mingle account, you will no longer be able to access messages, profile information, photos, or any other details from your account. Your Christian Mingle account will not be able to be recreated or reinstated so it is imperative that you are positive that you want to delete yourself from the community before doing so. To delete your Christian Mingle account, you will need to first ensure that the auto-renewal option is turned off. The reason for this is that you can still be charged for the premium service even if your account is deleted.

There are two ways to delete your profile depending on the platform you choose to use.

From a computer, you will need to click on the thumbnail of your profile photo on the profile page. Choose account settings, then click on profile display settings. From there, you will be able to select the “permanently delete profile” button.

If you choose to delete your account via the mobile app, you will need to click on the three bars in the corner of the “account menu.” You will then need to click on the “profile display settings” and you will then be able to click the “permanently delete profile” button.

Are there promo codes for Christian Mingle?

Life can be expensive, but dating doesn’t have to be. Many find themselves concerned with the Christian Mingle cost over time. This is especially true if you choose to pay month-to-month. It is important to note that there is no such thing as a Christian Mingle discount in the form of a promotional code. Periodically, members will receive a Christian Mingle discount via email but this is rare.

Is there a Christian Mingle free trial?

Christian Mingle does not offer a free trial, however, you can easily join their community for free at any time. In order to be able to communicate with a match or access advanced features, you will need to invest in a premium subscription.

Is Christian Mingle customer service easy to work with?

Christian Mingle customer service is available via an online contact form through the website or via email at You can also contact Christian Mingle customer service via phone at (866) 660-7924. Some find customer service to be a challenge to work with due to longer than normal wait times due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Which is better? Christian Mingle vs eHarmony

Aesthetically, eHarmony is more appealing to the eye and user-friendly, but Christian Mingle is a simple, no-frills way to meet singles that believe that religious values are important in a relationship. Both require the subscription of a premium membership to be able to communicate with potential mates.

Is it difficult to get a Christian Mingle refund?

It is quite common to be concerned about the Christian Mingle cost. The reason for this is that the premium membership can set you back upwards of $150 for a 6-month subscription. It is important to note that should you determine that you do not like the service, there is no such thing as a Christian Mingle refund. Be sure to turn off auto-renewal to avoid additional monthly fees.

Are there Christian Mingle gays?

Yes. In 2016, a lawsuit in California ruled that Christian Mingle must allow gay users to have the ability to interact with people of the same gender on the dating website. While Christian Mingle is available to the LGBTQIA community, it is not as user-friendly as other websites that cater more specifically to the homosexual demographic. For example, the website allows you to contact members of the same sex, however, a member’s profile does not necessarily represent their relationship preference. This could mean that you find someone who may be the perfect fit for you, only to find out that they are not gay. While finding Christian Mingle gays is feasible, you may experience some challenges in the process.