Facebook Dating Review

Written by dating expert Jennifer Carter.
Last updated: February 18, 2021

Facebook Dating is a dating app that takes advantage of the features that come with Facebook, the giant social media company. While Facebook was established for everyone to use, this dating site is specifically for those looking to create and develop serious and casual relationships, away from the daily hashtags and friend requests. This dating app has had a successful international run in over 19 countries. Millions are continuously signing up for the Facebook dating service.

Facebook Dating analyzes friend lists and likes from original Facebook profiles to choose the right partners for its users. It focuses on those who have similar preferences and interests. So, is this dating platform everything that it claims to be? Read this Facebook Dating review to find the right answers!

  • Dating site that is completely free to join
  • Rich and extensive dating profiles on the site
  • Easy to sync with other social networks as well as other dating sites
  • Information privacy as the information on your Facebook Dating account does not appear on your public Facebook account
  • Easy to go through the list of people who have liked you, making it easy to begin conversations
  • There is no desktop version of the site
  • There is no video chat option; thus, you can only connect via text messaging
  • You need an active Facebook account to join the dating platform

Member Information

Most users on Facebook Dating are of the male gender (57%). However, the female population is not left behind because they follow closely (43%). With hundreds of sign-ups weekly, the site’s membership is bound to grow.

While Facebook Dating users come from all over the world, most members are from the United States. There are also members from the United Kingdom, Europe, Germany, Brazil, Canada, Turkey, and Australia, with only a few members from African countries like Kenya and South Africa.

This diversity is what makes Facebook Dating the amazing platform that it is. You never know who you will meet or where love will take you. This possibility makes signing up to the site something that you must do. When it comes to sexual orientation, most members are straight singles.

As members of the younger demographic dominate the Facebook platform itself, Facebook Dating also follows suit. Most of the users you will find here are of the 18 to 35-year age gap. However, I also came across a few accounts that belonged to the 45 to 50-year age gap. Unfortunately, these profiles were very few that I could count them.

Sign Up Process


Facebook Dating only allows users who are 18 years of age and above to sign up. The site deserves applause for this, as underage users should not sign up for this dating platform.

Sign Up Process-Facebook Dating

The sign-up process was relatively easy, especially because there is no Facebook Dating on desktop. The site lets you know that Facebook Dating is being rolled out to Android and iOS users in selected markets. In other words, this meant that the only way to sign up for the platform was by downloading the app.


So, I had to go and download the app first before proceeding with the sign-up process. Next, I had to opt-in for the dating service via my Facebook account. I verified my city and my phone’s location, especially because the dating service tries to bring together those in the same location for an easy dating experience.

One thing that I loved was the fact that creating my Facebook Dating profile was discrete. I did not want everyone on my Facebook friend list to know that I was trying out this dating app. Kudos to the app because it gave me the privacy options that I desired. My dating account creation did not appear on my news feed. This was despite the fact that any Facebook account automatically registered me for this feature.

Facebook separates your profiles because it wants to ensure that those who sign up for the dating service do it intentionally.


Contacting People


Contacting others on Facebook Dating is all about sending secret crushes, likes, and messaging. It’s up to you to choose the mode of communication that best suits you. The fine-tuned matchmaking process encouraged me to reach out to most of my matches. It was hard not to, especially because I had so much in common with my matches, including interests and hobbies.

Contacting People-Facebook-Dating

I was also able to send interests to the rest of the users. To avoid spamming, there is a limit to the number of interests you can send daily. Usually, I got similar interests back, and this sparked multiple conversations with those that I liked. I had a “not interested” option for users that I did not fancy. This gave me the liberty to have the conversations that I wanted.

However, communicating with other users is not as straightforward as it seems. To send messages, you must pick a question from the potential recipient’s profile and hope that they will send back an answer as this is the only way to determine whether the conversation will progress. Facebook Dating does this to ensure that the members who communicate are genuinely interested in each other.

There are also groups and events that I browsed through. If you are interested in members of a group or those who attended a particular event, you must send a request to be added to the respective group. Once accepted, you can begin conversations.




When it comes to your Facebook Dating profile, you do not have to worry about it getting intertwined with your original Facebook profile. Rest assured that these two have nothing to do with each other. There won’t be any indications on your Facebook profile that you are using the dating app. This is as good as maximum secrecy gets.

Anyway, setting up my profile on the Facebook Dating app was quite an interesting endeavor. First, the app gave me a “suggested profile” option. In this case, the dating app will teleport all the profile information on your original Facebook page. But if you are anything like me and haven’t updated your profile in the last year or two, the suggested profile will only be filled with outdated information. As such, I opted to create my profile from scratch.

This is the information that I filled into my Facebook Dating profile:

Profile-Facebook Dating

Next, it was time to include my basic information on my profile, including my hometown, height, and gender. I also listed my work and education history as well as the lifestyle that I lived, which weirdly included these three options:

  • Have children
  • Doesn’t have children
  • Prefer not to say

My religious beliefs also came into play. Here I had to list whether I was Catholic, Atheist, Hindu, Buddhist, or Christian, among many other religions. Or, you could prefer not to say your religion.

Finally, I uploaded nine photos in the order that I wanted them to appear.

This is standard profile information that you will come across on any other dating app out there.

Mobile App


Your Facebook Dating app free account and your Facebook account are separate. This is also what you should expect of the apps. These two do not carry the same applications and, as such, are used separately. Your Facebook friends will not be able to view your dating profile on the app. It’s time to squash these fears.

Mobile App-Facebook-Dating

There is no desktop version of the Facebook dating app. Therefore, everything must be done through the app. You can sign up or log in to your account, depending on what you need. You can upload photos, answer personality questions, and input all the relevant options through the app. All relevant details are also showcased on the app. I found that the best thing about the app was its compactness. I could do everything that I wanted with a single swipe.

Facebook says that the goal of the app is to make it the best place to establish an online relationship. The app strives to do so. As the company keeps tweaking the app, it is clear that Facebook is trying to look for a happy medium so that all the dating app users can enjoy the very best of features.

Membership Options


Just like your Facebook account itself, you can equally use and access the Facebook Dating app free of charge. Yes, you read that right! You do not have to pay a dime!

Membership Options-Facebook Dating

The dating app treats all its users to the following amazing features, completely free of charge:

On pause

If you want to take spend some time away from the mayhem that comes with the life of online dating, you do not have to deactivate your account. Why don’t you put it on pause? Taking a much-needed break from social media always helps. It allows you to regroup.

Second look

You may just have missed a profile or two that piques your interest the first time around. So, why don’t you take a second look? Your free Facebook Dating account allows you to look at suggested matches that you may have passed by.

Preemptive block list

You can block the people that you do not want to correspond with on this dating site. Through preemptive blocking, unwelcome people will not be part of your matches.

Secret Crush

You can express interest by sending secret crushes. However, if you do not get a secret crush back from the recipient, you will not be able to communicate.

It is refreshing to know that I can access all these features through my free Facebook Dating account. This made me feel special!

The Bottom Line

Facebook Dating has revolutionized social media as we know it. In one way or another, it has become a significant part of our lives. And with relationships always forming on Facebook, even without the app, it was high time to capitalize on the possibility of a romance that this social atmosphere brings. This dating app is worth exploring because who knows? You may find your perfect match here.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Facebook Dating work?

Facebook dating is integrated within the existing Facebook app. However, you will have to set up a separate profile with your name and age to use it successfully. The service works by presenting you with several connections based on your preferences and location.

How can I delete my Facebook Dating account?

To delete your Facebook Dating account, do the following:

  • Log into your Facebook account using your name and password
  • At the top-right corner, click on “dating” and then go to “settings”
  • Tap on the “general” option
  • Scroll down the page and you will see a “delete profile”
  • Select “delete,” and your profile will be automatically deleted

Is Facebook Dating safe for teenagers?

No, it is not. Facebook Dating only allows its users to be 18 years of age and above. This already goes to show that the platform is not ideal for teenagers. And as anyone can sign up for Facebook, teenagers can come across scammers, pedophiles, and other people who may threaten their safety. It goes without saying that only adults should sign up for this platform.

How can I change my name on Facebook Dating?

  • Go to your Facebook app
  • Select “dating” from the options on the top-right corner
  • Tap on your dating profile and choose “edit”
  • Edit your name and any other part of your profile