Fling Review

Written by dating expert Jennifer Carter.
Last updated: February 18, 2021

Fling is a casual hookup site established to bring people with the same sexual interests together. The site accommodates men and women of all sexual orientations and from all corners of the world. Together, they communicate and organize thrilling sexual experiences.

Everything from a one-night stand to a summertime sexual romp goes on Fling. With over three million worldwide members, you can be sure that you will not experience a dull moment on Fling.

As the site’s homepage is adorned with naked women, those who sign up to Fling will know what they are in for from the get-go. If you want to know whether this site is worth your while, read this extensive Fling review to find out!

  • Millions of worldwide members. As such, Fling reports a high member activity all through the year
  • Diverse when it comes to age, ethnicity, and sexual preferences
  • A variety of advanced search options that make finding other users rather easy
  • Comes with a three-month, get-laid guarantee. In this way, the site guarantees hookups and promises a refund to users who do not get laid within the first three months
  • Free trial period to help you make an informed decision on whether to upgrade your membership
  • 24/7 customer service and quick responses to the problems that members encounter
  • As the site favors flings and casual dates, it does not favor those who are seeking serious and long-term relationships
  • Members with free Fling accounts cannot send messages

Member Information

Fling has a total of three million members who enjoy the hookup services. However, with hundreds of members signing up daily, the site’s member base is set to grow. The gender proportion of Fling is that of 70% male and 30% female.

This means that the platform’s female members are spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing a partner.

The members fall in the 30-35-year age group. Thus, Fling accommodates a more mature demographic. Everyone on the platform owns their sexuality and is not afraid to chase after what is sexually appealing to them.

Sign Up Process


The Fling sign up process is the quickest that I have ever experienced. I have signed up to countless dating sites, and this one was hassle-free, right from the beginning. It took me a record-breaking 60 seconds to get my account up and running. Talk about fast and convenient!

Fling sign up process

I only had to list my age (for appropriate reasons as this site is meant for adults only), gender, location, zip code, interests, and enter a username as well as a password. I then went through an email verification process which redirected me back to my active Fling account.

After signing up, the first thing that I did was going through a gallery, where I selected members who I thought were hot and those that were not. This is done to curate the best matches for the site members.

Signing up was a delight, and I wish that other similar sites would emulate the Fling sign up process.

Contacting People


When it comes to contacting others on Fling, I could chat with other members, flirt with them, and send likes. Apart from that, it was also fun and interesting to join the chat rooms, such as the general chat room, the gay Fling chat room, and the lesbian Fling chat room, amongst others.

contacting others on Fling

It was also possible to strike up conversations by looking at the “New Faces,” “Who’s Viewed Me,” and “Who’s Online Now” categories. While email is also an option, communicating through chats was rather refreshing because the quick responses kept the conversations going.

Oh, and did I mention that most Fling users have an affinity to emojis? But hey, you will get more than just wink faces here. Considering the nature of the site, communication is more risqué. Eggplant and avocado emojis are the order of the day here – if you know what I mean!



Where profile information is concerned, Fling is quite exhaustive in its profiles. The information that you offer when you are signing up for an account automatically appears on your profile. However, this is not all there is to it!

The site also requires extra information so that your profile can be comprehensive. Apart from basic information such as age and location, I also offered up information on the languages that I speak, my preferred living arrangements, and my profession.

It is important to note that filling out this information on your profile is not mandatory. You are free to divulge what you are most comfortable with.

This is the information on my profile:

profile information on fling

Did I mention that you can view profiles by browsing through the member list and clicking on a user’s name? This will directly take you to their profile.

With Fling being a hookup site, it is quite interesting for it to carry extensive profiles. Usually, similar sites carry shallow profiles because those who sign up are not there to create deep connections and get to know each other on a personal level.

They are simply there to have great sexual encounters. Fling beats this by encouraging its members to create a relationship of sorts. By looking at the profiles, you will have a great idea of who the person could be.

Mobile App


If you are looking for information on how you can download the Fling mobile app, unfortunately, it is not in existence. Even though you cannot download the Fling app for Android from the Google Play Store, you can still enjoy hookups on the site using Fling for mobile. Yes, the site is mobile-optimized.

Fling mobile app

In fact, I found out that over 80% of Fling users preferred to access the site using the convenience of their mobile phones because of the simple fact that they can log into their accounts on the go. All you need is an Android phone or iPhone to get started.

Go to your phone’s browser and type “Fling.com” into the search box, and you will automatically end up on the site’s landing page where you can conveniently log into your account. Using your mobile phone, you can search for user profiles, chat, and flirt with everyone who catches your fancy.


Membership Options


When it comes to its membership pricing, the question is, “how does Fling work”? Well, let’s break it down together!

A Fling free account will only allow you to create your profile, browse member profiles, look at image galleries, and see those who have viewed your profile. However, you cannot contact others or start conversations with this free account. As such, you will need to upgrade your account.

Depending on what you are most comfortable with, you can choose a 2-day trial period to help you get a feel of the site. Fling promo codes may allow you to access premium features for free, or you can even choose to go for a six-month subscription. All of this is at your discretion.

how does Fling work

With a subscription, you will not only enjoy all the benefits that come with a free account but to top it off, you will get your hands on all the extra perks. As a premium member, I could chat with other members, participate in live video chats, and purchase “naughty” items from the sex shop.

So, the answer to whether a Fling membership is worth it is YES. As a premium member, you will get a whole lot out of your experience.

The Bottom Line

Fling is not a website that is meant for serious and long-term relationships. Instead, it is geared towards those who are looking for short, sexual escapades. If you want to explore your sexuality and share your preferences with others who are equally interested, this is the perfect place for you.

The site is appealing and confident that it will find you the hookup of your dreams within a three-month period. From my experience, this period was worth the wait. Granted, you will have to play the waiting game for a bit. But once you score a hookup or two, you will keep coming back for more.

Why don’t you sign up and enjoy the first-hand experience?

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Fling legit?

Yes, Fling is a legit hookup site that you should be using. The site ensures that only real users sign-up to the platform through its email authentication system. Members of the site have also reported successful hookup experiences. So, yes. Fling is as legit as it gets!

How can I delete my Fling account?

The only way to delete your Fling account is by contacting the Fling customer care team. The best way to do this is by sending a message through your account that explains your reasons for deletion. Once the customer service team receives your message, your account will be removed from the search results and will be successfully deleted.

How can I contact the Fling customer service?

To contact the Fling customer service team, send an email to support@fling.com or call 1-888-824-3640 (24 hours a day, seven days a week).