Hinge Review

Written by dating expert Jennifer Carter.
Last updated: February 17, 2021

Hinge refers to itself as “the dating app that is designed to be deleted.” Most people are confused by this paradox, but it simply means that the dating app is focused on finding everyone their perfect match. Once you find that special someone, then you move on to a life of happiness and bliss. You will not need the app anymore, so you will delete it.

Hinge has lived true to this word as it is responsible for a handful of successful relationships, mainly because it focuses on a small number of profiles at a time. If you are serious about finding a relationship, this Hinge review will let you know if this is the right site for you.

  • Matches and conversations never expire
  • There are multiple ways to like profiles
  • Robust profiles
  • Your location can be changed in the “preferences” section
  • The “date from home” feature makes it easy to move from a message to a video call
  • A free account limits you to interact with your daily matches unless you upgrade to a free membership to access many more matches
  • With only 10 matches a day, you may not necessarily find someone that you are interested in as a free user
  • Matches that you “skipped” show up in your match list again for you to reconsider

Member Information

Hinge has over five million members worldwide. The dating app targets a younger demographic, because the age range is 24 to 32 years. Most of the members come from the United States.

On any given day, I found the member activity to be high and active. The dating app has a 50-50-member ratio. No matter how young the demographic may seem, all the members are looking for serious relationships.

Sign Up Process


The only way you can sign up to Hinge is by using your Facebook account or your mobile number. Hinge does not have a desktop version; therefore, I had to download the app and sign up.

Remember, while signing up, you require a valid email address. However, there is no email verification required. If you choose to sign up using your mobile number, you must provide the verification code sent to the number.

sign up to Hinge

I had to verify my phone number and upload six photos, which is obligatory. I chose the information that I wanted to show on my profile.

sign up to Hinge

Signing up is easy. It took a total of ten minutes.

Contacting People


Starting a conversation has never been easier. Hinge lets you sign up and get right into the nitty-gritty of things. The app comes with a “discover” section that showcases all your matches.

If you like what you see, you can tap on the heart icon or leave a comment to begin a conversation with your potential match.

Contacting People hinge

Since you get ten free likes daily, you can enjoy multiple conversations.

This is how I responded to a message from a potential match who was hoping to travel to London:

message from a potential match

You can also opt for a video call with your potential matches.

video call with your potential matches



Hinge has a twist in the way it presents its profiles. To keep things interesting, the profiles are more robust than those found on other similar dating apps.

The details that are found on your profile are essential to getting likes and matches. The profiles carry a select few phrases that are meant to strike up conversations.

These are the phrases on my profile:

Profile hinge

It is important to point out that Hinge profiles have a stellar sense of presentation. They are simple yet appealing. The three statements on your profile are meant to strike up a conversation with other members on the app and find those with similar interests.

Mobile App


Hinge can only be accessed as a dating app. It has a clean user interface, which makes it more appealing to the younger generation.

Hinge can only be accessed as a dating app

The combination of vibrant colors and a clean interface makes browsing easy, interesting, and reminds users that their goal is to find their matches.

The dating app comes with search filters that make your browsing experience easier. It also comes with useful tabs that let you find your profile and matches easily. The design is straightforward and leads you to what you want to find immediately.

Membership Options


Hinge has an interesting free member structure that gives you ten free likes per day and offers the ability to view other profiles. But to get the most out of your dating experience, there are premium extras that keep things much more interesting.

Membership Options Hinge

Subscriptions begin at $9.99 for one month and go up to $29.94 for six months. Considering all the perks that come with Hinge, this price is quite affordable.

The Bottom Line

Overall, Hinge is a great dating app for those looking to make real connections and find long-term relationships.

Hinge is a dating app that is geared toward like-minded people who have time to dedicate to dating. It comes with helpful features that will better your dating experience.

However, if you are not looking for anything serious, you should consider a more casual app.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Hinge app only meant for hookups?

No, Hingle emphasizes on the importance of long-term relationships. The app was designed with a budding romantic relationship in mind. The idea behind this app is to bring people together in a way that will lead to happiness and togetherness forever. After you find love on the app, you will no longer need it; thus, you can delete it. Therefore, Hinge comes with the tagline, “designed to be deleted.”

Hinge vs Tinder: Which is better?

Tinder is one of the most popular dating apps. However, Hinge is equally making a name for itself in the world of online dating. When you pit these apps against each other, you will find that Hinge is meant for more serious relationships where most people use Tinder for random hookups. Also, Hinge is determined to use its match algorithm to find you a partner who possesses all the qualities that you are looking for. According to the Tinder app review, it focuses on availing broad matches of available people in your area. As such, Hinge is a better app for those who are seeking serious relationships. It also surpasses Tinder in its features and level of interaction.

Hinge vs Bumble: Which dating site is the best?

Hinge and Bumble are two apps that offer a lot in the online dating scene. While they come with a lot of similar features and functionalities, Hinge has proven to surpass Bumble in the way matches are curated and in the fact that it focuses on serious, long-term relationships. A review of Bumble says that it has a younger dating pool, Hinge accommodates both young and older singles. This caters to people with different dating needs. Therefore, Hinge snags the win because it is slow and steady. It focuses on quality first and prioritizes long-term relationships. But if you prefer a casual approach to dating, then it is best to opt for Bumble.

Is Hinge free?

Yes, you can download Hinge and use it for free. On a free account, you will be able to send likes, view matches, view profiles, and enjoy daily matches.

How do you contact Hinge support?

If you are facing any issues or simply want to know how to navigate Hinge, you can contact support at https://hingeapp.zendesk.com/ or email the customer service at hello@hinge.co.

Can I delete photos on the Hinge desktop site?

No, you can only access Hinge through its mobile app. Hinge does not have a desktop website. Therefore, the only way to delete photos is through the app.

How many likes do you get on Hinge?

Hinge grants its users ten free likes daily. To get the most out of your dating experience, it is best to max out your likes every 24 hours.

How do I delete my Hinge account?

Log into your account using your username and password then go to “settings.” Click on “account” and then click on the “delete account option.” After that, click on “delete” account, confirm, and your account will be deleted.

Coffee Meets Bagel vs Hinge: Which one is the better site?

Hinge is all about helping its users find long term relationships. On the other hand, Coffee Meets Bagel’s core goal is to build the number one dating app for millennials looking for real relationships. While Coffee Meets Bagel targets the younger demographic, Hinge targets millennials and the older demographic. Both dating sites are great, but if you are looking for high-quality matches, Coffee Meets Bagel is the better option. However, if you only have time for a single match who could be your perfect partner, Hinge gets the overall nod.

Does Hinge show when you read a message?

Yes, it does. But if you do not want them to know that you read their message, you can tweak your settings so that Hinge does not give read feedback to your senders.

How do I use the Hinge promo code?

This is an alphanumeric code that Hinge offers its members so that they can obtain a subscription discount or use certain features for free. To use the it, simply enter the code as given and you will be able to enjoy several free perks.