MeetMe Review

Written by dating expert Jennifer Carter.
Last updated: February 18, 2021

MeetMe is a social platform that doubles as a dating site and a place where users can sign up to make new friends. But rather than taking the Facebook approach where users already know each other, MeetMe specializes in helping new people meet.

The combination of friendship and dating options makes this site appealing to many people. MeetMe has a desktop version as well as a mobile app that can be downloaded by users on the go.

Whether you are looking for casual dating experiences or yearning for some new friends, this MeetMe review will let you know if the platform is the best fit for you.

Let’s get started!

  • Free to join
  • Large user database
  • Free communication among users
  • Credit system that allows members with free accounts to enjoy premium benefits
  • Free messaging for all site members
  • Scammers, rude users, and predators on the site
  • Lack of proper security measures
  • Casual atmosphere that does not favor those who are looking for serious relationships

Member Information

Established in 2005, MeetMe has managed to garner millions of members over the years. On a daily basis, thousands of people sign up so they can freely interact through chats and discussion threads. Each month, the platform reports over 1.3 million visits from the United States alone.

Members on the platform are either interested in making friendships or dating. Of course, I was interested in both of these things. These two aspects mean members on the platform are diverse. With a membership status, you can freely interact on the site.

However, anyone under 13 years of age cannot sign up for the website. This is unlike a typical dating site where the usual sign up age is 18 years. The fact that MeetMe does not have stringent security and protection measures makes the platform quite unsafe for the younger demographic. The site should really find a way to look into this issue.

Sign Up Process


Creating an account on MeetMe is rather straightforward. You can sign up on the website, use your email address, or go through your Facebook account. I chose to sign up on the website.

account on MeetMe

The sign-up process took less than five minutes. Once I filled in the required details, I clicked on the “sign up free” button and I ended up on my profile page. You do not necessarily need to add photos, but they do require a profile picture. Also, all profiles come with five tag options. The tags are words that describe you best. For instance, my tags were: animal lover, partygoer, exercise nut, easygoing, and foodie at heart.

Thereafter, I was required to fill in my sexual orientation:

information on dating profile

However, you do not have to fill the information on your profile if you do not want to. The completion of your profile is at your discretion.


Contacting People


Contacting site members on MeetMe is easy. If you do not want to go through the long list of all site members in order to find the person you are looking for, you can use the search and filter settings. Searches can be filtered by gender, age, location, and sexual preferences.

With the filter settings, I was able to cut down search time by half. If you only want to communicate with members who are online and weed out the inactive profiles, you can also filter using the “online only” option.

Since I did not want every single person on the site viewing my profile, I set it so only friends could view my profile and my activity on the site. I found that sending messages is possible for everyone, even those with free accounts.

Here is a list of people I contacted:

MeetMe members

MeetMe has a free chat room that allows you to freely message anyone you want, or participate in group discussions. However, I found it best to skip the chat room because joining the chats here meant that I could be vulnerable to many unwanted messages from other members. I also encountered trolls on the platform. This made me more cautious of my communication.




As MeetMe has millions of users, you can expect to find millions of profiles on the platform. I noticed that there are active and inactive profiles. With more research, I found that there was an equal number of both profile types.

Additionally, since there are no strict sign up guidelines, the platform also contains a number of fake profiles. This is because MeetMe does not conduct background or identity checks on those who sign up to the platform. As such, I had to beware the conversations that I was having and the responses I was getting just to ensure that I did not fall victim to a fake profile scam.

The profiles do not contain a lot of information. They are pretty basic. In fact, apart from my name, my profile only showed information about my gender, sexual orientation, relationship status, and age. Here is my profile on the site:

MeetMe profile picture

Profile pictures are visible to everyone, even those with free accounts. I also found it easy to edit the information on my profile and change my profile picture.

Mobile App


MeetMe comes with an app version that gives its desktop counterpart a run for its money. The MeetMe app does not disappoint in any way, shape or form. I have to say that between using both the desktop website and downloading the app, I found the latter to be easier to use. I also discovered convenient app-only features that are not part of the site’s desktop version. This is what made my interaction on the app even better. As such, if you do not have the app, then you may be missing out on the complete chatting experience that only the app can bring.

MeetMe app

Where the desktop design seems a little outdated, the mobile app compensates greatly because it has a modern and edgy look. This is how I interacted on the app:

MeetMe app

I met new people who were in my vicinity, had conversations with those who wanted to chat, and flirted a little with those who piqued my interest.

Membership Options


I was able to sign up for a free account on MeetMe. But the site also offers an upgraded subscription for members who want to enjoy even more features and benefits. This subscription is referred to as MeetMe+. Here is a breakdown of the membership prices:

MeetMe Membership

Where a single month’s subscription costs $6.99, you can enjoy a 6-month subscription at $24.99 and save $16.95. Ultimately, subscribing for the service for three or six months is cheaper than making a single month subscription.

As a member, you can also earn credits, the virtual currency that allows you to enjoy premium account benefits for a set period of time. Credits will enable you to increase your visibility on the site, which will help boost your popularity. Credits are earned through playing games, participating in the site’s offers, or completing surveys.

The Bottom Line

If you would enjoy a platform that combines dating, friendship, and social interactions, then MeetMe is your best bet. Here, you will get to know all manner of people and make new connections. But it is important to point out that MeetMe has a lack of security and an anonymity factor that may make it a bit challenging to find someone truly interested in building a serious and long-lasting relationship.

However, this should not make you write off the platform. If you are only looking for casual flirting and random hook ups, by all means, sign up for an account here because you will meet a plethora of users who share those sentiments.

This platform offers a great way for you to break your daily monotony and have interesting connections. Unfortunately, if you are hoping for a dating service that will lead you to your life partner, then it’s best to look elsewhere because MeetMe strives to connect people in a fun and casual way.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the MeetMe dating site?

MeetMe is a dating site that connects people who live near each other and gives them the opportunity to message and video chat. In the process, those who sign up to the platform form bonds, create connections, and make friendships.

Can you look someone up on MeetMe?

To conduct searches, you will use the search function through which they can look up other users by name.

What is the MeetMe account recovery process?

To recover your MeetMe account, send an email to support at and include the name on your account, your country, as well as the email address that you use on your account.

How do I delete my MeetMe account?

Log into your MeetMe account with your email and password, click on “Me” at the top of your account then go to the Settings section. Thereafter, choose the “Delete Account” option and press “Yes” in the popup that appears.

What should I do when the MeetMe website is down?

There are times when you will log into your MeetMe account using the desktop website and come across a message that says, “the site is temporarily down”. In this case, access your account using the mobile app and you will successfully log in.

How can you participate in MeetMe conferencing?

MeetMe conferences allow for up to 8 members to hop on a conference call. All you must do is push the “MORE” button on your phone. Thereafter, select the “MEETME” option and after two beeps you will receive an extension for the call. A screen that says “CONFERENCE” will appear and more people can join the call.

What is the MeetMe contact number?

For any requests, problems, or inquiries, contact MeetMe at their toll-free number, 866-217-8131. You can also send your questions to The Meet Group, Inc. 100 Union Square Drive, New Hope, PA 18938, or email at

Is the MeetMe mobile site safe for teenagers?

No, it is not, especially since there is no set security system that verifies user identity. Also, members can chat anonymously. As such, this is not a safe place for teenagers.

How can I unblock someone on MeetMe?

Log into your MeetMe account, go to your profile and select the “Block” option. Ther you will find a list of everyone that you had previously blocked. Thereafter, select the “Unblock” option.

What is the MeetMe diamonds to cash program?

The site allows you to convert the diamonds that you receive on the platform to cash. In other words, you are trading diamonds for cash. For every 10,000 diamonds, you will receive $50, and $2,000 for every 400,000 diamonds.