Mingle2 Review

Written by dating expert Jennifer Carter.
Last updated: February 17, 2021

Mingle2 is a free dating site that was established in 2008. Boasting over 12 million users, the site has grown in leaps and bounds since its inception. The platform promises to be a place where those looking for friendships and love connections can get what they need.

Unlike other dating sites that require you to match before connecting, Mingle2 gives you the liberty to connect with anyone you want, even before matching.

The site comes with a “hot or not” primary matching feature that lets you vote “yes,” “no,” or “maybe” on the profiles that you like, as well as those that do not pique your interest in any way whatsoever. In this Mingle2 review, we will discuss all the different facets of this dating site.

  • Most features are available for free
  • Quick and simple registration process
  • Millions of active members
  • Diverse filter options that make the search process easy
  • No dormancy on the platform because of the active message forum
  • Incomplete profiles do not appear on search results
  • A lot of advertisements are displayed on the page
  • Many fake profiles because of lack of authenticity testing

Member Information

Mingle2 boasts over 12 million worldwide members. As such, I did not have a dull moment on the platform. Whenever I logged into the site, I found thousands of active members at any given time. However, I also found out that male members dominated the platform.

The site accommodates individuals with different sexual orientations, so some members are gay, and some are straight. Mingle2 carries about 150,000 American users, which are of the 18-55-year age gap.

Primarily, members are encouraged to match with each other and make connections. It is safe to say that regardless of what you are looking for, you will find it on Mingle2. While it advertises itself solely as a dating platform, I found members who were only looking for friendship and did not necessarily sign up to date.

Sign Up Process


Mingle2 comes with a rather simple sign up process. In fact, I had my account up and running in five minutes. As soon as you get to the homepage, you will find where to sign up.

However, instead of a “sign up” option, Mingle2 asks its users to “view singles”. By clicking on the “view singles” icon, you will sign up and get an account on the platform.

Mingle2 website

After clicking on this option, the site will lead you to a sign-up form that will require you to fill out your name, email address, date of birth, sexual orientation, location, and what you are seeking.

Mingle2 user

Upon clicking on sign up, you will have to confirm your email address. When you click on the confirmation link, the site will lead you to your active account where you will see your profile, search for other users, find your matches, and gain access to the full Mingle2 experience.

Contacting People


Mingle2 encourages its members to contact each other through a variety of options. It was easy to search through the profiles because the site has filter options where you can search using age, sexual orientation, ethnicity, marital status, gender, and location or conduct a general search.

Once you find the person you are looking for, you can send them a message. You can also choose the “nudge” option which is more like poking a user to get their attention.

Apart from conducting a search, I was equally able to contact people by sending direct messages to whoever was online. This was a quicker route of communication, as it only showed active users on the site.

This is an example of a message that a user on the site sent me:

example of a message

Getting conversations rolling was easy. Sending messages on the site was my preferred mode of communication; however, you can also send emails.

Additionally, Mingle2 lets you send hearts, blow kisses, send winks, and uniquely, send a kick in the butt. You choose what is most appealing! Communication on Mingle2 is right where you need it to be!



The profiles on Mingle2 may not be very exhaustive, but they give you a good idea of who the platform members are on a basic level.

Instead of long questionnaires, the site provides a series of questions that require one-word answers. These answers will be reflected on your profile and will appear on the search results.

profiles on Mingle2

I set up my profile in four simple steps:

  • Steps one and two: Choosing a name or blurb that was displayed on my profile. Afterward, I was able to upload a profile picture of my choice.
  • Steps three and four: Providing answers to the questions about your lifestyle, body type, height, ethnicity and marital status.

While these questions are great starting points for conversations, the one-word answers are quite shallow. In other words, the answers are basic.

Therefore, you will need to engage in continuous conversations with potential matches in order to understand who they are truly.

While I used my real name on my profile, you can choose to use a nickname. Your profile information is not permanent, as you can choose to edit and change it later.

It is important to note that everyone can see your profile picture for free. Therefore, it is best to use a profile picture that represents you in the best possible way.

Mobile App


Just like the desktop version of the website, Mingle2comes with an app that is completely free.

Mingle2 app

Like the Mingle 2 website, the app showcases your profile, searches, messages, and conversations. As you are on the go, you will not feel like you are missing out on the dating and chatting experience.

On the app, search results are displayed at the very top of the page, which makes finding new matches easy.

There are push notifications for messages, nudges, likes, and any other form of communication regarding your profile. The app has a user-friendly modern and updated interface. Granted, it comes with many ads. Therefore, the pages take a while to load. But it easy to close the ads and navigate the app.

Membership Options


The best thing about this site is the Mingle2 dating site free accounts. No subscription is needed here. With your free membership, you can send and receive messages, read testimonials on your profile, and view your friend list.

Additionally, you can conduct searches, view profiles, see who is viewing your profile, add friends, create a favorite list, and send nudges.

While this seems like everything that will complete your dating experience, there are a few more perks if you are willing to spend a few dollars.

Mingle 2 membership

Subscribing to a Mingle 2 dating site premium account (called MinglePlus) means that you can view profiles invisibly, see if your messages have been read, and get your profiles listed early in searches. You can either subscribe to a three, six, or twelve-month plan. In case of any problems with subscription, the Mingle2 phone number comes in handy. You can call the company to guide you through the subscription process.

Mingle 2 costs

So, is Mingle2 cheap or expensive? It is neither, as its membership option puts it in the upper-middle field.


The Bottom Line

Mingle2 is a dating site that has weathered the storms and stood the test of time. However, there are similar dating sites that are more evolved and better than this one. The webpage is not only outdated but it is also plagued by ads.

Additionally, the site comes with many fake profiles because of the lack of proper security measures. But this is not to take away from your experience on Mingle2.

If you can look past these issues, you will find a place to connect and interact with others in the best possible way. It is also a place where you could potentially meet your ideal match. So, why don’t you sign up and judge for yourself?

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I use the Mingle2 app to deactivate my subscription?

Click on your profile icon and select “account” then choose “settings” . Click on the “subscription” option and choose the “remove” option”.

Can I contact customer care through the Mingle2 mobile site?

Yes, I can. To contact customer care, go to the Mingle2 contact page or email them at accounts@mingle.com and explain your problem. Before contacting customer care. It is best to consult the help forum page to see if you can find a solution to the problem that you are facing.

How can I delete my Mingle2 account permanently?

Log into your Mingle2 website with your username and password. After successfully logging in, click on your profile picture at the top left of the page. A drop-down menu will appear, then click on “settings”. On the settings page, click on the “deactivate profile” option. A pop-up window will appear asking if you are sure that you want to delete your account permanently. Click “ok”. After that, you will be redirected to a new page where you will be required to give a reason for deleting your account. Then click on “ok” to permanently delete your profile.

How can I partake in the Mingle2 gay chats?

Visit the Mingle2 website and sign up for an account, choosing “gay” as your sexual orientation. Once your account is fully activated, you can go straight to the gay chat rooms and enjoy exciting chats.