MocoSpace Review

Written by dating expert Jennifer Carter.
Last updated: February 18, 2021

Mocospace was established in 2015 as a mobile social community. People signed up to send messages and meet people through various games and unique features. Since then, while retaining its social media features and gaming qualities, it’s successfully added dating to the mix.

This hybrid approach made it an intriguing prospect to review. I’ve reviewed numerous dating sites before, but this one was an intriguing prospect. I signed up to see how the site works, beginning with the sign-up process, then looking at member profiles, the options to contact other members, and the various features of any premium membership levels I could potentially upgrade to, compared to a regular membership.

  • Unlimited access to members
  • Unique features and games
  • Regular feed updates
  • An easy to navigate user interface
  • Over 100 million users
  • Multiple ads
  • Too many fake profiles
  • All user activity is visible to other members

Member Information

Mocospace has more than 100 million members on board, with slightly more than half of those being female. Geographically, the member base shows a lot of diversity, with Caucasian, African-America, and Hispanic users making up 22%, 35%, and 38% of the members, respectively. Around 40% of the members are 18-24 years of age, with 25-30 and 31-35 representing 24% and 17%, respectively. Just 13% of members are 35 or older.

Sign Up Process


Mocospace sign up

Signing up to Mocospace was quick and easy. All I had to do was visit the site, fill in some basic information such as my age and location, and upload a photo. I could either link my Facebook or Google account to the site or sign up by providing my email address and a password. I generally prefer the more traditional approach when registering with a site. Next, I answered a series of questions about myself and my interests. This is typically an integral part of most dating sites as it helps the site to determine matches.

Once I was signed up, I was taken to a page that showed me several potential matches. I could either browse through my matches or search for members who were already online. Once I found a member I liked, I was able to send them a message.

I could see an area that allowed me to enter a status update or upload another photo. Below that, there were three tabs labeled “My Friends”, “Near Me”, and “Everyone”. Depending on the option I chose, it determined what I would see in my feed. There didn’t seem to be an end to my feed. It went on and on – much like Facebook. As I hadn’t added anyone to my friends list as of yet, and I didn’t want to see members who live thousands of miles away, I clicked on “Near Me”. From there, I was able to see only those posts and updates from members who live close to me, even if they aren’t on my friends list.

Contacting People


members on mocospace

All members have unlimited access to other members on the site, so you can send a message to whoever you want. As the site follows a social media-like format, I could also add members to my friends list and comment on their posts. The site encourages members to share photos and short video clips to add some liveliness to an otherwise static profile.

MocoSpace offers traditional online chat and messaging features. With these features, I could send messages to other members, or even request a private chat with someone who appealed to me.

One feature of the site that particularly appealed to me was “Street Wars”. It acts like a game, where users are encouraged to challenge other members to a cyber fight. As I was only trying out the site, I decided not to do it. It costs credits that are denominated as stamina points. I’d need to refill my stamina points, which would require payment. However, I was tempted to try it out.

There’s also a game called Friendshop, where I could buy and sell friends on my Friends list. By the same token, they could buy me too. I haven’t played it yet, but I know that the idea is to buy low and sell high, just like with the stock markets. If another player buys a player I own, I will profit, as would the player being purchased. If someone bought me, my value would increase. I would need Friendship cash to buy a person, which is a fake currency that’s only available within Mocospace.

There are also Stickers that are basically emoticons but bigger. I could use them in comments, forum posts, offline messages, instant messages, and chat. Some are free, while others I’d need to pay for with Moco Gold.

chat rooms

Fortunately, the chatrooms are free. I could scroll through dozens of chatrooms with this feature, covering categories such as hobbies, ethnicities, and age. Typically, there are dozens of users in each room, and sometimes even hundreds.

Next, there is a “groups” feature. While similar to the chatrooms, the main difference here is that they’re divided into categories of interest. They’re similar to the groups you find on WhatsApp, where members can post messages whenever they like, and everyone in the group can see them. I could also chat privately to individual group members.



mocospace profile

Members who might be interested in me will want to see my profile, so I filled out as much as possible to help them decide whether I’m the type of person they want to message (or reply to). Simply uploading a photo and my age just won’t cut it. A half-hearted profile might also give the impression that I’m not taking this matchmaking process very seriously.

I could change the details on my profile any time I wanted, so I didn’t have to worry about creating the perfect profile on the first attempt. Experience will tell which features attract more interest, so I decided to play it by ear.

Mobile App


Mocospace app

Mocospace has an app both for Android and iPhone users. The app’s interface is simple, intuitive, and offers easy navigation. The ads can be a bit annoying, but a paid ad-free version is available should they become too much. Other than that, the app does its job, which makes using the site easy to use on the go.

Membership Options


membership mocospace

Beyond a regular membership, I could upgrade to a VIP or VIP Legacy membership. By increasing my membership ranking, I would have access to additional services, which would afford me a more complete experience of the site.

The longer you commit to a particular membership option, the cheaper it will be. I might start with a one-month membership, seeing as it’s only £7.99 per month. However, a six-month membership would be £34.99, which equates to £5.83 per month.

I could use all the platform’s features with a basic membership. It uses currency called Mocogold. I could use the currency to play in-app games. By paying 99 Mocogold to promote my profile, I’d get more exposure on the site. Another way to acquire Mocogold is by earning it. I could earn a small amount by completing surveys or watching advertisers’ videos.

The Bottom Line

Mocospace is a great platform all around for users who are not only looking for a match, but who also enjoy both social media and gaming. The games are immersive, and it offers an easy-to-use mobile platform. Some users might have come for the games, but stayed to find their perfect match.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a Mocospace app?

For those who prefer to use standard Internet on their phone rather than apps, there is a Mocospace mobile site available on all mobile Internet browsers. However, there are also dedicated apps available for Android and iPhone users on the Google Play and iOS stores.

Is there a free Mocospace membership option?

Yes, creating a regular account is free. However, two premium options allow users to make the most out of the site: VIP and VIP Legacy.

How can I contact Mocospace support?

Mocospace offers customer support via an online form, live chat, and social media.

Is the Mocospace website easy to use?

Yes, Mocospace offers a social media-style platform that makes the site intuitive for the modern user. The website fuses dating with gaming to create a unique and fun dating experience, including Street Wars where members can challenge each other to a cyber fight. The free chatrooms are also a great way for members to get to know each other.

How could I delete Mocospace account?

Go to the settings page in the main menu. Then click on Cancel Account. Finally, you need to confirm that you want to deactivate your account by entering your password.

Could I recover my Mocospace account?

If you delete your account but change your mind, you have three days to log back in and recover your account. If you’re ever hacked, you’d need to let customer service know within three days.

Can I remove my photos on Mocospace?

In your Mocospace account, go to the album with the photos you want to remove. There’s a Manage Photos link at the bottom. Click on it and confirm that you want to delete a photo. There’s also an option to move photos to another album.