Shagle Review

Written by dating expert Jennifer Carter.
Last updated: February 18, 2021

After being introduced in 2017, it didn’t take too long before Shagle became a huge hit. The self-proclaimed ‘World’s Best Live Chat Site’ provides its users with a chance to engage, meet, and chat with members online. One of the site’s best features is that video chat is free for anyone. As I’ve reviewed numerous dating sites in the past, I was happy to give my first video chat site a go.

My Shagle review doesn’t just look at the video chat feature, however. I review every aspect of the site, from signing up for an account and creating a profile to searching for and engaging with members. I also review my experiences of using the mobile site and look at the options available in the premium membership offering.

  • Available in 70 countries
  • Members can hide their identity
  • No cost for text messaging and video chatting
  • Personal information is not required when signing up
  • The ability to chat with other members from around the world
  • No activity other than chatting
  • Limited features available to premium members

Member Information

One of the great things about the site is that it features members from 70 countries. Regarding the age and gender map, the largest proportion comprises 68% of males, with research saying that close to two in five are from the 24-35-year age range. Since Shagle launched in 2017, the site has expanded to 1,500,000 members, with most being from the UK, USA, Italy, and India.

Sign Up Process


Sign Up Process Shagle

When it came to registration, I prefer privacy over transparency, so I opted to sign up with my email address rather than with one of my social media accounts, Facebook or Google+. If I chose to link my account with Facebook, Shagle would need to go through my profile and take my basic information like my username and profile. Regardless of which way I chose to sign up, I needed to click on the verification link in my email. When it came to entering information, it was the usual details to begin with, i.e. email address and password. Once I’d received my confirmation email, my profile was created, and I was ready to continue. It took less than a minute to create my entire account.

However, there were several options to optimize my experience of using the site. One of these options was Gender Filter, although this is only open to paid members. Not being able to use this feature isn’t ideal, as I’m only looking for members of one gender. However, that does mean that paid membership is something I’ll want to look further at. Another option open to me was Location Filter, as it means I’d get results from only one country, instead of the 70 countries represented on the site. What’s nice is that I can change countries without paying anything, should I decide to move at any time. Another option was Chat Filter, which would enable me to change my introduction, face connect, and face filter. My chat friends would be able to see any data that I change or enter. I could also choose from one of several languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French, and Deutsch.

Contacting People


Contacting People-Shagle

The chatting option is one of the most prominent features of the site. Once I registered, I could connect with other members without spending a single cent. Text chatting is the most basic method of interacting with other members. Video chat is, of course, the essence of the site, and as I have the right setup, i.e. a decent microphone and webcam, there was no reason not to go that route. The fact that the messaging feature on the site is free is a great feature – which isn’t the case with many other dating sites that hide this behind a paywall.

There are multiple options I have at my disposal to communicate with my chatting prospects. One of these options is the intro message. This makes it easier for other users to get an idea about me and my personality. It allowed me to create an opening line by entering some text and clicking on ‘save settings.’ Other users can then read my intro when they see my video.

I also took advantage of the Tags feature to help me choose the kind of communication I want. I had the options of choosing Chat, Flirt Dating, and more. I could see the tags in my chatbox to remind myself which ones I chose. I could also use the Face Filter to disguise my face if I’m unable to see another user’s face. I could take that even further by using Face Connect. I can use this filter to connect only with users who have their faces showing. I just had to be mindful of clicking on ‘save settings’ after making changes, or I would have just wasted my time.




One thing I liked was the fact that I could keep my name hidden. Not only that, but I could also keep my address and any other information hidden from any of the descriptions. The minimal personal information required by the site is Shagle’s way of protecting its user’s anonymity. My profile is essentially the fact that my face is shown on cam. My face was always shown through any webcam, although I had the option of hiding it by wearing a virtual mask from the chat filter. There are several rules to follow to uphold the profile’s quality, or I could end up with my profile deleted from the site.

Once I was signed up to the site, it was made clear that I would be required to behave and not use abusive language or say anything rude. Also, I’m not allowed to use prohibited substances or drugs on camera, which is fine, as I don’t use them anyway. What’s also prohibited is harming animals, people, or violence on camera, which I’ve been more than happy to abide by. I’m not allowed to blackmail people or make a fool out of anyone. This is all fine by me, and I wouldn’t want to be chatting to anyone who chose not to respect these rules either. If I saw any user violating these rules, I could report them and be confident that they would be severely dealt with.

Mobile App


Shagle doesn’t have a dedicated mobile app yet. However, I used the mobile site and found that it did a great job replicating the desktop version. In fact, the navigation on the mobile site is even better than that of the desktop site. All the filters at the top of the chat box are available, with the chat options at the bottom. I could send virtual gifts, although I’d need to upgrade my membership to do that. I found the mobile site offers similar advantages to that of an app, while at the same time, not making me wait with a long loading time. It also takes me directly to the video chat once I’m logged in.

Membership Options


Membership Options-Shagle

One of the great things about Shagle is that text messaging and video chatting is free, which isn’t common these days. I could also look to chat with members from abroad without investing any cash. To make use of the other features beyond the basic ones, there are several ways for me to upgrade my membership. I feel safe about the prospect of paying through the site, as all financial data is protected by the third-party app Segpay. It’s known for securing data through an encrypted form that hackers are unable to get through. If I decide that I no longer wish to use the site and want to cancel my membership, I could cancel at any time by visiting ‘My Account’ and clicking on ‘Cancel Membership’. The only option to pay is by credit card.

Premium membership is either $6.99 USD per week or $19.99 USD per month. These prices are standard, and as I’m someone who loves video chatting, it’s an option I can see myself considering. After all, it would hardly burn a hole in my wallet.

The Bottom Line

Shagle has been around since 2017 and features members of all sexual orientations, ethnicities, and races from more than 70 countries. Users can connect on a text level without going any further, so it has social and dating elements. The user-friendly interface is sleek and features several different functions. The fact that the site began with 50,000 members and has now reached one million shows just how much users love the site, as they’re clearly being an advocate for it. As communication online has become so prominent today, the site has plenty to offer. Not only that, but members can also remain anonymous. Let’s face it: anonymity can be a plus, with not everyone wanting their entire life to be published online. If you enjoy talking to people from different cultures and backgrounds and love meeting new people online, Shagle is one of the best options out there.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I take part in my first Shagle video chat?

To use Shagle online chat, once you’ve created your account, narrow down your search options using the search filters, click on one of the search results, and request to start chatting.

Is there a Shagle app available for mobile devices?

While there’s no Shagle Android or iOS app available, the mobile version offers largely the same functionality as the desktop version, meaning that you can use all the site’s main features at home and on the go.

Is Shagle free?

Yes, the site is free to sign up. You can use Shagle random chat and other features as a free member, although some other features are available if you choose to upgrade your membership.

Who can I expect to meet on Shagle chat?

You can talk to strangers on Shagle, either locally or from around the world, with 70 different countries represented on the site.

How do I send the pre-written text I’ve created?

Once you’ve typed what you wanted to say in the box, click Enter. If your text doesn’t appear, give the page a hard refresh. If it still doesn’t appear, open a different browser. As a last resort, get in touch with the support team.

Can I prevent my profile from being seen by users in certain countries?

While this isn’t an option, you can view members from a particular country, with the ability to change that country at any time.

Can I report another member?

Yes, if you believe that another member has violated the terms and conditions of the site, you can report them by clicking on the Report button on their profile.