Sugar Daddy Meet Review

Written by dating expert Jennifer Carter.
Last updated: June 15, 2022

Sugar Daddy Meet is an exclusive dating website that was created to attract men with substantial financial means and provide them with a venue to seek out women to date and spoil.

The website is safe, has a credible reputation, and is well established in some of the wealthiest countries around the world. The variety of matchmaking opportunities and its diverse membership make for an entertaining and unique experience that you will not find anywhere else on the web.

This Sugar Daddy Meet review will supply a great deal of information that will help you determine if this dating website will meet your needs and dating goals. It is important to note that this is not an escort service.

  • Determine dating compatibility based on income
  • Applications only accepted by the top 20 wealthiest countries
  • Strict account moderation to eliminate fake accounts
  • Variety of matchmaking filters available
  • Ideal for younger women and older men
  • Not available in all countries
  • Verified membership requires the submission of government-issued ID

Member Information

Member information included on the website is limited to what users choose to share. The profile section does not require you to answer questions or provide detailed information. However, the more information you provide, the better off you will be in finding an interesting person that you may want to pursue.

To get noticed by others, it is in your best interest to create a profile that is informational and shows off some of your personality. If you know what you are looking for, it is a good idea to make that clear so that your expectations are not a secret. This could save you time and frustration as it may deter some who do not have the same expectations in mind.

Sign Up Process


The sign-up process for Sugar Daddy Meet is quite simple. You can either register by using your Facebook profile or manually. When you sign up with a Facebook profile, your information is automatically linked, making the sign-up process a breeze. When you sign up manually, you are required to enter your information, receive email verification, and then upload photos, and answer demographic questions.

sign-up process for Sugar Daddy Meet

During the initial registration process, you are asked what type of relationship you are looking for along with your age.

registration process

When creating your profile, you will be asked to provide your first name as well as a creative username. The username will serve as a “nickname”, and your first name will appear as your profile name.

Once you have completed the demographic information, uploaded photographs, and answered questions about the type of person you are looking to meet, you will be given the option to upload as many as 20 pictures. These photos can be imported from your Facebook profile or uploaded from your computer or smartphone.


Contacting People


With a free membership, contacting people is limited. However, if you invest in a premium membership, you can enjoy carte blanche opportunities in communicating with others.

Sugar Daddy Meet communication.

Sugar Daddy Meet provides many options to communicate. The easiest option is to send someone a “wink” which will let them know that you think they are cute or that you would like to learn more about them.


If you want to take things to the next level and skip the “wink” stage, you can send a message directly. However, if you have a free membership, messaging first is limited. If you receive a message from a premium member, you are able to respond with unlimited comments. If you find yourself wanting to converse with many, it is in your best interest to invest in a premium membership.

Another way to contact someone is by suggesting a gift idea. Sugar Daddy Meet provides sugar daddies with an opportunity to offer potential dates a gift in exchange for a date with sugar babies. As a sugar baby, you can propose a gift, or you can determine if you want to accept a gift from a sugar daddy should one be offered. By offering a sugar baby a gift, you are increasing your chances of scoring some face to face time!

Lastly, you can send a first date idea. This feature is unique in that it allows you to suggest the type of date that you would be most comfortable with when meeting in person for the first time. Your potential mate can accept or decline your invitation based on their preferences. By suggesting a first date idea, you are being forthcoming in your expectations which can help both a sugar daddy and a sugar baby understand what the other is looking for in a match.




Profile information is limited, which is why we think this aspect of the site is average at best. While you can post up to 20 pictures, there is a lot left to the imagination when it comes to interests, personality type, education level, and point of view. These components can be important when searching for a serious, long-term relationship, but if you are just looking for some fun, your political viewpoints may not be a make or break to the deal.

Sugar Daddy Meet has a vast membership base so standing out from the crowd can be a challenge. One of the easiest ways to stand out is to spend the extra time in having your account verified. The best way to do this is to give your driver’s license information for review.

Once you are verified, your profile will stand out, attract more attention, and you will be considered more credible, which will create more chances for you to meet your match.

Sugar Daddy Meet profile

The ‘about me’ section is open for interpretation and can include as much or as little information as you want to provide.

The profile section does provide you with space to explain your ideal match or the type of friendship you are looking to develop on Sugar Daddy Meet.


Mobile App


The Sugar Daddy Meet app is available for Android and is highly rated by users as an easy to use app that is great for those who are busy and on the go. During our research, we were unable to locate a Sugar Daddy Meet app for iOS.

Sugar Daddy Meet app

While the Sugar Daddy Meet app is not available for iOS, Android users boast of the ability to contact other members, send messages, and find people who are within a certain vicinity.

Membership Options


Many often wonder if you can use Sugar Daddy Meet services for free. The answer is yes, however, your access is limited. The biggest limitation when using a free Sugar Daddy Meet account is the inability to openly communicate with another person unless they send correspondence first.

While a membership plan can feel like a significant investment and one that is costly, it is worthwhile on Sugar Daddy Meet as it will open doors for you to meet people who can enhance your life.

sugar daddy services

membership plan

The Bottom Line

Sugar Daddy Meet is a helpful website for people who are seeking a good time without the stress of a serious commitment. Relationships on Sugar Daddy Meet tend to be of a more casual nature. If you are a sugar daddy seeking a younger woman, have an interest in spending money on her, and looking for an overall great time, this dating website will be helpful in finding a match.

If you are a sugar baby seeking an older man who has the potential to spoil you with a lavish lifestyle, you are in the right place. It is important to note that as with any dating website, results can vary, and it may take time to find the right match. The key to being successful is patience and being open to new opportunities!

Frequently Asked Questions

How to delete a Sugar Daddy Meet account easily?

The best way to delete your account is to be sure that you are not signed up for automatic subscription renewal. Then scroll to the bottom of the account page on your profile and select “delete account”.

Are there blacks on Sugar Daddy Meet?

Yes. There are people from all races, nationalities, and walks of life on Sugar Daddy Meet.

Is Sugar Daddy Meet for gays?

Yes. Sugar Daddy Meet does not limit the criteria by which you can seek a person of interest.

Is Sugar Daddy Meet for free?

There is a free Sugar Daddy Meet option, however, you will find that it is very limited in allowing you to connect with others. You are able to respond to messages sent to you by premium members, however, you are not able to communicate with others if you do not have a paid membership.