Twoo Review

Written by dating expert Jennifer Carter.
Last updated: February 18, 2021

Launched in 2011 by the Massive Media Company, Twoo is one of the world’s largest chat sites. Ever since its inception, Twoo has become a strong contender in the social apps sphere. People sign up to Twoo for various reasons, including creating friendships and finding potential matches.

Although the Twoo app does not feature match-making capabilities, it uses an algorithm that connects its users to the best match in their interests and location. Available in 38 languages and serving over 50 million members, it has made a name for itself in every part of the world.

But is the Twoo chat site everything that it claims to be? Well, keep reading this Twoo review to find out whether this site is worthwhile.

  • Combines traditional dating site and modern chat site features, meaning that users can enjoy the best of both worlds
  • Diverse site that is available in over 200 worldwide countries and is represented in over 38 languages
  • Easy sign-up process as Twoo can pull information from your Facebook account
  • Strict verification process and requirements
  • A great place to widen social networks
  • Users are too general and do not declare the kind of relationship that they are looking for upfront. Therefore, you may end up investing your feelings in someone who is merely looking for friendship
  • Incomplete profiles are not visible to others
  • Search options are limited unless you purchase credits

Member Information

After signing up for Twoo, I found that the site had more male (60%) than female (40%) members. Granted, this difference is significant, but it also means that women are spoilt for choice when it comes to potential partners.

Over two million members come from the USA, and these are most of the members on the platform. However, other members come from countries like Brazil, Belgium, Mexico, Spain, Italy, and Argentina.

What was most refreshing was that the site had a high activity level any time I logged in. While you will find a 20-year old as well as a 65-year old here, the younger demographic certainly dominates the site.

Sign Up Process


Signing up for a Twoo account involved using a valid email address or my Facebook account. It was easy for me to use Facebook because the site automatically copies all the information from your Facebook account.

But if you do not choose the Facebook option, you must provide information on your gender, age, and purpose of joining the site. After that, you will confirm your email address, and the site will send you on to many potential dates and friendships.

Signing up for a Twoo

Oh, did I mention that Twoo welcomes you with 50 bonus credits? Don’t take these for granted because the credits will be useful in accessing certain premium features. Signing up is this easy!

Contacting others on Twoo is a matter of using basic and advanced search filters, the chat feature, or sending likes and super likes. It is important to note that Twoo does not provide match options for its members. However, it allows you to create connections out of your own volition.

Let’s start with the search filters; here, you type in the name or location of the person you want to find, and their profile will appear. You then tap on their profile to send a message. There is also a chat feature that will enable you to strike up a conversation.

This is how I sent messages:

However, when I did not want to send Twoo messages, I clicked on the “like” option for those who caught my fancy and the “Super like” option for those who blew my mind, if you know what I mean. They would send a like or two back, and the conversation would start from there.




The profiles on Twoo are rather typical. There is really nothing outstanding about them. They only come with basic information such as your age, gender, and a summary of your activities on the site.

Some questions appear at random parts of your profile, and as you answer these questions, the information you give will be added to your profile. Do not take these questions lightly, as the answers determine your interaction on the site.

After all, you are looking to partner up with someone who has similar interests. I found it best to be as honest as possible.

This is a snippet of my Twoo profile:

profiles on Twoo

I found that I could edit my profile at any given time, as the profile information is not permanent. You can edit to your heart’s content. The profile also includes a verified photo that you upload from your device or imported from your Facebook account. Remember, the most stunning photos get the best attention.

Mobile App


You can download Twoo for Android or iPhone on the Google Play Store or Apple Store. The app is completely free for all users to download.

Twoo for Android or iPhone

Using the app was such a joy because of the convenience that it brings. I could access the app no matter where I was. There were no lags whatsoever as I was using the app. It was smooth sailing from download to sign in.

Even better is the fact that the Twoo app works on all mobile phone browsers.

Membership Options


While you can use your free account to navigate and interact on Twoo, it does not give you access to all the site’s features. Therefore, you will be missing out on the complete chatting experience.

Membership Options

As Twoo offers its premium membership in weekly and monthly variations, you can decide on the pricing that suits you best.

Twoo offers its premium membership

Other than paying in cash, you can also exchange premium packages for credits. With credits, you will rank highly in search results. You choose what works best for you!


The Bottom Line

Twoo is a great dating platform that introduces new approaches to online dating.

As the site focuses on chatting rather than creating matches, members can get invested in the process and get to know each other for who they are, not because the site says they may belong together.

This is a great option for those who have the time and are interested in nurturing a friendship or relationship.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I delete my Twoo account?

Log into your Twoo account with your username and password. On the homepage, click on the three dots on the top-right section right next to your avatar. Choose the “settings” option and select the “Account” option. Click the “edit” icon and select the “delete your account” option.

What is the Twoo customer service number?

To contact the Twoo customer service team, you can call them at (214) 576-3272 or fill in the contact form that you will find in your Twoo account “help” section.

Can I change the number of Twoo free notifications that I receive?

Twoo sends mail notifications to the email address that you provided during the account sign-up process. Usually, these alerts let you know that you have a new view of your profile, a new message, or a new match.

However, if you feel like the messages are becoming too cluttered in your inbox and do not wish to receive them anymore, you can always opt out of the service. Through the “settings” section in your account, choose that you do not prefer free mail notifications.

Twoo vs Badoo: Which one is the better site?

While both Twoo and Badoo are great dating sites that have the potential of introducing you to your perfect match, Badoo has an ace over Twoo. According to our review of Badoo, Badoo has privacy options, multiple language options, push notifications, and invisibility options, features which Twoo lacks.

In other words, Badoo comes with features and options that are much more essential in giving you a wholesome dating experience in comparison to the compatibility features that Twoo comes with.

However, both dating apps are available for free, compatible with Android and iOS devices, and have a Facebook sign-in option.