Blendr Review

Written by dating expert Jennifer Carter.
Last updated: February 18, 2021

Blendr is a mobile dating site that focuses on serious dating relationships that will ultimately lead to marriage. While this is the app’s central focus, it does a great job of not pressuring its members into full-fledged commitments.

The site encourages its users to first teatime and know each other before engaging in serious relationships. Blendr goes on to state that it also welcomes friendships.

Launched in 2011, the site can be accessed via its desktop version, but Android and iOS users can also download an app. I couldn’t help it but dig deep into the site through this Blendr review so I could find out what’s in store!

  • Large user database
  • Core features are completely free
  • Easy to use and intuitive user interface
  • User verification system, as such, there are no fake profiles on the site
  • All site pages can be viewed briefly
  • Profiles do not offer a lot of information

Member Information

Blendr records 87,000 new members monthly. While Blendr attracts members from all over the world, most of the platform members are from the United States (5,000,000 members from the U.S. alone).

The member proportion on the site is 60% male and 40% female. The fact that men outnumber the women on Blendr is interesting. The user activity on Blendr is high, and the site does not experience any dry spells.

Sign Up Process


It is relatively easy to sign up to Blendr. I was able to do it using my Facebook profile. During the sign-up process, the site put me at ease by saying it will not post anything on Facebook without my permission. The registration process is straightforward.

sign up to Blendr

However, if you do not have a Facebook account or do not wish to use it, you can also fill out the form on the site with your basic information. I was able to sign up and have my account up and running in under ten minutes.

registration blendr

At this stage, I also had to verify my account. Users with unverified accounts do not appear in the search results.


Contacting People


The main way to contact people on Blendr is through messaging. To find site members you want to contact, you must search and browse through the member database. Luckily, the site has search filter options, and you can find people according to their age and location.

Once you identify the members you want to converse with, you can send them a message.

contact people on Blendr

However, there is one catch with the messaging system – you need to wait for a response before sending follow-up messages. Otherwise, contacting other members is a seamless process.



Apart from the information that I provided during the registration process, I also had to fill out my Blendr member profile before maximizing the services. This is some of the information on my profile:

Blendr member profile

Unlike other dating platforms where you can choose to complete your profile or disregard it, Blendr has implemented a rating system for profile completion. Other users can look at your profile and rate it, depending on your profile picture and how well you have filled it out.

Profiles that receive the highest ratings appear first in search results. This should motivate you not to rush and take your time while filling out your profile!

Additionally, all profile pictures are vetted and verified. This is done to ensure that there are no fake identities on Blendr.

Mobile App


The Blendr app comes with a modern and aesthetically pleasing design. It boasts a load of features, the same ones on Blendr’s desktop version.

Blendr app

All the app features are accessible by a few swipes. As Blendr encourages quick and easy interactions, the app allows users on the go to enjoy this kind of interaction.

Based on the site’s statistics, most users prefer using the app mainly for its convenience. The Blendr app can be downloaded for free.


Membership Options


When it comes to pricing, Blendr is neither cheap nor expensive. While I could sign up for free, create my profile, search for other user profiles, and send messages, the site still advertised a fee-based subscription program that allows its users to enjoy even more perks.

blendr Membership

With a subscription, you will see who added you to their favorites and undo any “no” votes that you get on your profile. You can also chat anonymously with members if you want to conceal your identity. As I could do most of the things on the site using my free subscription, I didn’t feel the need to upgrade.


The Bottom Line

Blendr is a great dating site that allows users to be themselves. It goes out of its way to promote a serious dating environment, while at the same time boasting a casual and friendly atmosphere.

The fact that the site uses geo-location for its matching system means that the chances of going out and making a connection are solid. However, if you do not have the time for meetups or cannot commit to a physical date, you should sign up for a more casual dating site that does not require this.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Blendr dating app only for hookups?

Blendr is not only meant for hookups. It is a dating app that serves all purposes, from hooking up to the formation of serious relationships. Therefore, Blendr users will decide whether they are interested in serious or casual dating and pursue what they desire.

Blendr vs Tinder: Which is the better site?

Blendr and Tinder are both popular dating apps. They both have huge databases and provide the best possible matches for their members. However, these are the differences between the two sites:

  • While both apps operate using geolocation systems to locate the best matches nearby, Tinder’s geolocation system is more general than Blendr’s, which is more reliable and guarantees specific results.
  • On Blendr, you can change your privacy settings so that all or some of your information is not available for public viewing. Tinder does not come with this option.
  • Blendr has “messages seen” notifications while Tinder does not. As such, you may not immediately know that your messages were read on Tinder.
  • Blendr requires detailed profile information while Tinder does not.
  • Blendr has a behavioral matchmaking feature, while Tinder does not.
  • Tinder has swipe action selection while Blendr lacks this feature.
  • Blendr comes with a “connect in real-time option” while Tinder does not have this feature.

In this case, Blendr is the better app because it carries detailed profiles, behavioral matchmaking features, and real-time connections.

How does Blendr work?

Blendr is a social dating app that works by matching people based on their geo-location.

How can I delete Blendr account?

  • Log into your Blendr account with your username and password.
  • At the top right of the screen, click the “profile” option, then choose “settings.”
  • From the settings menu, choose “delete profile.”
  • Choose the “delete your account” option and then click “delete.”
  • Follow the confirmation steps that require you to enter your password to complete the deletion process.
  • After 30 days, your profile will completely be deleted from the system.

Is Blendr free to use even without a Facebook account?

Yes, Blendr offers many sign-up options apart from Facebook. If you do not want to link your Facebook account, you can fill out the sign-up form on the site. However, you will have to go through a physical verification process should you choose the latter.

Is Blendr legit?

Yes, Blendr is a legit dating site. Many people have transitioned to successful dating lives using this app.

Blendr vs Badoo: Which dating site is better?

Blendr and Badoo are both free dating apps. While they target the same demographic and carry similar features, they come with some differences. Here are the differences between Blendr and Badoo:

  • Blendr does not have push notification options while Badoo comes with this feature
  • Badoo allows you to rate your daily matches while Blendr does not allow for this
  • You cannot stay invisible on Badoo while you can do it on Blendr
  • Blendr comes with a behavioral matchmaking feature while Badoo lacks this option
  • Users can connect in real-time on Blendr while they cannot do the same on Badoo

These two apps have a few similarities but are also different in their offerings. The better app will depend on your needs – Blendr is the best app for those who prefer real-time dating experiences and a diversity of features, while Badoo is best for those who appreciate daily notifications and diversity in features.

How can you contact the Blendr support team?

Blendr does not have a traditional customer support number. If you encounter problems with your account, you will be required to fill out a feedback form at so that you can explain your problem. Blendr will respond to you through your email address.

How can you upload photos on Blendr desktop site?

As soon as you log into your Blendr account, you will see the photo upload section. However, it is important to note that Blendr does not accept any fake photos.

How can I join the Blendr gay chats?

To join the Blendr gay chats, log into your Blendr account. In the chat section, select “gay chat rooms.” You will automatically be redirected to these rooms, and you can enjoy the gay chats.

Can you purchase credits on the Blendr mobile site?

Yes, you can. As a Blendr user, you can purchase Blendr credits on the website as well as the app. Blendr credits are important because they make you more visible on search results.