20 Online Dating Conversation Starters

Written by dating expert Jennifer Carter.
Last updated: February 19, 2021

If you’re navigating modern dating, you’re likely meeting people online and considering how to start an online dating conversation. You might be wondering what the best online dating conversation starters might be. When it comes to meeting new romantic potentials online, this is a common dating dilemma. Online dating isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, so if you’re over the short messages such as “Hey,” or “How was your day?”, we’ve got you covered. Consider this your online dating conversation starter 101.

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Getting Ready for Online Dating Conversations: Online Dating Conversation Topics

When considering conversation starters for online dating, it’s important to have a few key conversation starters at the ready. It’s always handy to know and use the best conversation starters for online dating. You don’t have to be the most confident person in the world to create engaging connections with new potentials online or start a conversation on a dating site or dating app. Creating an online conversation can stem from knowing some great examples of online dating conversation starters.

Here are 20 online dating conversation starters to get you off to a flying start in connecting online:

  1. What are your biggest passions?
  2. How would your friends describe you?
  3. What’s your biggest regret and why?
  4. Tell me about the last three books you’ve read.
  5. What’s the best place you’ve ever travelled to?
  6. What are you binging on Netflix at the moment?
  7. What skill do you wish you had?
  8. If you could do anything professionally, what would it be?
  9. What’s your favorite hobby?
  10. What’s your favorite meal?
  11. Where is your favorite place in the world and why?
  12. Name three famous people you’d invite for dinner.
  13. Tell me two truths and a lie.
  14. If you had a superpower, what would it be?
  15. What would a perfect first date look like?
  16. What’s the worst pick up line you have ever heard?
  17. Tell me about your best and worst first dates so far.
  18. What was the most notable year in your life?
  19. What is your favorite movie of all time?
  20. If you could travel back in time, where would you go?

Navigating Dating Apps and Creating Talking Points

As you start an online dating conversation, if you feel that you can see a few potential talking points, then starting to ask questions about what you’ve seen in the profile you have swiped or matched with can reveal a lot. If you make statements that aren’t open, it might be tough to engage and create a good conversation on a dating site. Other good conversation starters when online dating can come from looking at a person’s bio.

A biography on some online dating sites can be quite long, but it may be quite short on other platforms such as dating apps. Nevertheless, they often reveal a lot about the person. Consider this – to start a conversation with someone on a dating site, take a good look at what they have to say about themselves. You can often find revealing information about someone’s personality, interests, and intentions in the online dating space. Some people start online dating for a bit of fun, to have a great time, and to meet new people. Others are online dating because they’re looking to meet someone new to build a new relationship.

You can also consider what you put in your profile to provoke good online conversation starters. It’s highly recommended to consider what you have written in your biography and the initial message exchange you send to that new certain someone.

Why First Impressions Count in Conversation Starters for Online Dating

It’s also a good idea to look at the photographs you posted on an online dating site when considering online dating conversation examples. Do you have more than just selfies, offering substance for other singles to engage with you and create an incredible first impression? Do you have a mixture of your interests thrown in there to spark another’s interest, that would allow them to create a good conversation on a dating site? Women – you may want to think about adding photographs of things you are most passionate about when you are considering online dating profile examples to attract men. What are you passionate about? Is it music? Being creative? Your professional work? Whatever it might be, make sure you have a mixed bag of photos that work to tell a story about your life. Think of your bio on an online dating site as a visual summary of your interests and personality. You’d probably be looking at the same in guys dating profile pictures. This will most likely encourage good conversations with new people and is a good start on both dating apps and online dating sites as examples of online dating conversation starters.

Now think about your bio and what it says about you. You might want to consider being direct about what you’re looking for while also keeping it fun. If you’re looking for a new relationship, your bio might say something like, “Looking to meet a potential partner, not a pen pal,” whilst it might seem quite forward, you want to ensure you’re having conversations with potential people who are also looking to be in a relationship in the future. You don’t want only to consider funny online dating profile examples for men, but you can also consider writing something interesting about places you’ve recently visited or the last few books you’ve read if you feel this helps to give an insight into your life. We recommend moving away from writing anything around what you do professionally, because you don’t want it to feel like online networking. Keep it fun, keep it light, and keep it engaging to encourage open conversations with others on online dating sites.

Finally, you might consider asking a question in your profile. To keep it simple, say something like, “Would love to know the last three places you’ve traveled to,” if you’re passionate about traveling. Or, for example, if you’re into music how about saying, “Tell me about recent albums you’ve listened to”. This is fun, engaging, and gives the people you match with on online dating sites an opportunity to create a conversation easily around something you’ve already asked them in your bio.

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Top Dating Tips and Takeaways for Online Dating Conversations

It’s important to know that an online dating conversation should be fun and make you want to get offline and connect in the real world. So, while you might wonder how to start a conversation on a dating site to start to cultivate conversations with interesting people online, you might want to consider the length of time you chat with them after the conversation has gotten off to a good start. To conclude, conversation starters are essential as they set the tone for how your online dating journey and the dating process will go with new romantic potentials.

The next time you create a profile on a dating app or dating site, think about these important top tips for online dating conversation starters. Think about creating enough insight into who you are, what you’re looking for in a potential match, and your interests. This is important, especially if you have a particular way of living and you would like to share that with someone who is on the same wavelength as you.

Online dating in this modern world of meeting people can feel quite tricky, but by following great dating advice for online dating conversation starters, you will streamline the dating process and make it far more enjoyable. However you choose to meet someone, remember the start of a conversation is the first port of call that can lead to something far more significant.